Open Collaborative Communities Network
Who we are

OCCN was founded in an attempt to provide services for collaborative projects, especially for Open Source/Free Software. We saw similar services available, but we were disappointed with what we saw, and decided to do something about it. Thus, OCCN was born.

What we provide

At the moment, we are working on setting up an IRC network, based on ircd-hybrid. Most of the staff have experience in IRC environments, and we hope that from this experience, we can begin to improve ourselves and the network to provide a low-stress and fun environment for support, coordination, and development of collaborative projects.

Our vision

Our goal in addition to providing a stable irc network is to work together as a team toward a more decentralized network, hopefully fixing many of the dreaded netsplits that come with any irc network. Well, that's vaporware, but our mission will always be to provide a friendly place for people to work together.

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